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Christy Roberts

Christy Roberts is a native of Chicago, Illinois and an honor graduate of Bethune Cookman University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She served as a 5 year active duty veteran in the United States Army with a primary occupational specialty as a Petroleum Supply Specialist. Christy has had the opportunity to travel the world and be stationed overseas in Germany and Honduras. During that time, she was able to engage in different humanitarian projects for the less fortunate. She also provided orphanage support by volunteering her time to interact with children throught the Comayagua Valley in Honduras. Christy is a first time author for the memoir entitled, “We M-E-T (Miraculously Encountered Truth) which tells the story about her personal encounter with God and the events of her life that led up to that very moment. Christy currently resides in the Savannah, Georgia area where she is working on her next project.

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We M-E-T
(Miraculously Encountered Truth)

Christy Roberts’s story of personal faith begins with a dream. She is twenty-two years old and living a happy life in Florida. In her dream, a relative tells her she’s not taking care of her baby. Though the dream is disturbing, Roberts wakes up relieved…because she does not have a child. But soon she does become pregnant.


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